The Swab Mob is offering Covid-19 viral testing.

  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday

  • Time: 10 AM – 2 PM

  • Location: 189 Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland, NJ

  • All tests are free of charge. 

  • For more information about COVID Testing, please visit:

“The government is us; we are the government, you and I.” – Pres. Theodore Roosevelt

The Smith Center’s Swab Mob

Our organization aims to increase proactive measures against COVID-19 by bypassing government and accomplishing the testing of people en mass by their peers.

The Swab Mob is on move and coming to a parking lot near you.

We just need your name, contact info and date of birth.

We will take care of the rest.

No payment is required. Donations appreciated. The Smith Center is paying for all testing, so the Swabbers do not even need your insurance info.

Contact us at:

[email protected]

Time to end this thing,

Stephen M. Smith, MD


The priority is to test high risk individuals and those who are most at risk of spreading the disease.

Therefore we want to begin by testing:

  • Front Line Essential Workers (especially those who interact with groups of workers, e.g. a bus driver, fireman, policeman, etc)
  • Medical Workers
  • Diabetics
  • PreDiabetics
  • Obese
  • Elderly

Treatment and Beyond

After testing, we will help those with COVID to take the right measures in helping them from getting worse and preventing them from infecting others. This approach drastically differs from the government which prefers to wait for people to go to them. This approach senselessly leads to more deaths and more infections by allowing those who are sick to continue on without assistance. If you can donate to support this endeavor, please click the donate button above. Or feel free to write us that you are interested in helping to volunteer.

Help us fight COVID-19 today. With your help, we can save lives.