What if I don’t have any insurance?

This is not a problem here at The Smith Center.  We accept all and any types of insurance.  However, if you don’t have any insurance this is not a problem.  We are equipped to provide all our services free of cost.  If you have no insurance and your household annual income is over a certain level we will adjust the cost based on a sliding scale.  Please inquire further with our staff if you have any further questions about our sliding scale.What if I don’t have HIV?

We do provide medical services for non HIV infected patients.  As an infectious diseases practice we are equipped to manage other infectious diseases.  However, at this point we are funded to provide medical care free of cost for HIV infected patients.  If you are in need of medical services and are not HIV infected, you will need to have medical insurance

Do you treat Hepatitis C or HCV?

We are happy to announce that due to new Hepatitis C treatment options, Smith Center has started treating Hepatitis C.  Please inquire for further information about your treatment options

Are your services confidential?

Absolutely.  We provide a confidential and comfortable environment.  The Smith Center is not like the average crowded and rowdy free clinic.  We take confidentiality very seriously.  Also, due to the fact that we serve a wide variety of infectious diseases confidentiality is ensured.

Do you have labs on site?

Yes. We offer labs right here in our clinic for patients with insurance.  If a patient has no insurance they just have to walk a few extra paces to get labs next door at East Orange General Hospital. If a patient prefers, they can obtain labs at any Labcorp Primary Service Center throughout the state.

Do you have other specialists on site?

We do offer psychiatric care on site.  We also have a partnership with Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.  We have initial oral health assessments performed onsite once monthly with follow up dental care provided at the Rutgers Dental Clinic.

As for other medical specialties, we can assist in referring and making appointments for specialists that we have continued relationships with.  We have a program that makes private Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Hematology/Oncology referrals possible for patients without insurance.

What does HIV and AIDS stand for?

HIV= Human Immunodeficiency Virus
AIDS= Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Do you offer HIV testing?

Yes. Please make an appointment to visit The Smith Center to find out your HIV status.