We specialize in treating infectious diseases in the urban patient.  With and emphasis an HIV, we recognize that inner city patients face obstacles to healthcare access and adherence which others do not.

We have a Ryan White funded clinic, and we accept all patients, regardless of ability to pay.

Financial Incentives

At Smith Center we believe in the power of financial incentives. Small monetary incentives can help reward patients who are compliant. They can also offer motivation to patients who may need a little push to remain compliant to medical care and treatment

Drug Adherence Saves Lives (D.A.S.L):  To encourage medication adherence they started a program called Drug Adherence Saves Lives (D.A.S.L.).  Through D.A.S.L. they reward patients with excellent adherence, as defined by an undetectable viral load, with a $25 food store gift card.  Each Smith Center patient is eligible for this gift card up to 4 times a year based on his or her quarterly labs.

The Buddy System – The Smith Center realizes that word of mouth can be the strongest referral system.  They encourage patients who are satisfied with their care to spread the word.  If a Smith Center patient refers another patient he or she is also eligible for a $25 food store gift card.

Screening Tests to Avoid Major Problems (S.T.A.M.P.) – This program rewards each patient with an annual reward of $100 grocery card if all screening tests are performed. These are age and gender based. Inquire about these programs upon enrollment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 862-772-7822. Click here to schedule an appointment.