My name is Clyde Parker and I’m HIV positive. I’m writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the Smith Center for giving me exceptional medical and psychiatric care in the face of a long list of deabilitating illnesses (cancer, heart disease, intestinal bleeding, lung nodules, aneima, etc) now in the plcae of fear and bleakness I’m living a productive life through the care and services of the Smith Center. Again, thank you.

~ Clyde Parker

The Smith Center is better than other clinics because when they give you an appointment they actually call you around the time you were scheduled, unlike other clinics, that will remain nameless, that I used to attend. This other clinc used to schedule me at 8:00am and I used to leave the clinic at 1:00pm which I did not appreciate. At the Smith Center its an in and out thing and the doctors actually care about the patients. My doctor is amazing and I know I get on her nerves but who cares she loves me. So I will not be attending any other clincs other than the Smith Center.