The Smith Center specializes in the urban patient.  We understand the obstacles urban patients face and help the patients overcome them.

Medical Care:  The Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health was developed to address infectious diseases in the inner city.  They provide infectious diseases management with an emphasis on HIV medical care.  The medical providers at The Smith Center have years of experience in the field.  They have taken this depth of experience to redesign the approach to HIV management.  The Smith Center believes that by using novel approaches they can help rid New Jersey of HIV.  Since successful treatment of HIV requires strong collaboration between healthcare providers and patients, they work with their patients to ensure they are providing the best service possible.

Psychiatry:  The Smith Center has a board certified Psychiatrist on staff who provides on site initial and follow up psychiatry evaluation and management.

Medical Case Management:  Infectious diseases care often goes beyond the scope of the specialist visit. Particularly with HIV infected patients, the maze of additional needed services can be overwhelming.  The Smith Center provides each patient with an individualized care plan.  This includes assistance with referral to outside medical specialists, referral to housing assistance, referral to substance abuse treatment, application for New Jersey’s free drug assistance program (A.D.D.P.), application for other government entitlements including many more.

Electronic Medical Records:  The Smith Center is home to a state of the art electronic medical record.  This creates a seamless system for excellent continuity of care.

Phlebotomy:  The Smith Center offers laboratory services on site at no or low cost to the patient.  This, again, streamlines optimal care for the patient by making obtaining blood work easy and accessible.

Transportation:  The Smith Center understands that getting around can be difficult when you are on a fixed budget. That is why they offer bus passes for their patients to get to and from The Smith Center.  For others there is free parking available.

Education:  Education is a vital part of patient care.  At the Smith Center medical providers take the time to explain exactly what is going on with each individual patient’s medical status.  This education is emphasized at new patient visits and as needed along the way.  The Smith Center views an educated patient as an empowered patient.

At Smith Center we believe in the power of financial incentives. Small monetary incentives can help reward patients who are compliant. They can also offer motivation to patients who may need a little push to remain compliant to medical care and treatment

Drug Adherence Saves Lives (D.A.S.L):  To encourage medication adherence they started a program called Drug Adherence Saves Lives (D.A.S.L.).  Through D.A.S.L. they reward patients with excellent adherence, as defined by an undetectable viral load, with a $25 food store gift card.  Each Smith Center patient is eligible for this gift card up to 4 times a year based on his or her quarterly labs.

Screening Tests to Avoid Major Problems (S.T.A.M.P.) – This program rewards each patient with an annual reward of $100 grocery card if all screening tests are performed. These are age and gender based. Inquire about these programs upon enrollment.

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